Men On Women On Men: Synopsis

Men On Women On Men does not have a strict narrative, it offers various perspectives on relationships and marriage told through songs by a cast of two men and two women. The plot, as such, is described via the scenes below by the revue's composer, Paul Todd.

1. First Encounter: The problems in ordering drinks for a small party.
2. Men on Women on Men: A view of marriage.
3. Second Stage: A BBC secretary has her mind on things other than typing a letter.
5. Third Degree: A man and a woman out for an evening try to impress each other.
6. Dream People: How it could be if only .... (People's fantasies).
7. Fourth Bridge (intro): A fantasy in the face of terminal boredom starts to happen.
8. A Man's Gotta Do: The fantasy.
9. Fourth Bridge (outro): The fantasy fades back to reality.
10. Grab: An aggressive female standpoint, an incitement to action.
11. Who's Afraid?: Of love, and what it means and demands.
12. Mergers: A case for unisex taken to extremes.
13. Fifth Dimension: A rapid courtship, a quick marriage, a hastily-organised honeymoon. Benidorm and ...
14. Just Married: ... a song.
15. Sixth Sense: Some reasons for marriage ...
16. Scheming Song: ...and how things really were. Two people compare the devices they used to "conquer" each other.
17. Saying Goodbye: A marriage disintegrates. The husband leaves.
18. Seventh Heaven: Two "gentlemen" think they've landed a "right little go-er" and try to chat her up.
19. Freedom Song: The "right little go-er's" philosophy.
20. Seventh Heaven (contd): She goes. They are left. Legless.
21. Something's Going Round: The perils of easy loving
22. Eighth State: Breakfast in the married home
23. Wedding Photos: And the regrets that they were ever taken.
24. Ninth Life: The beginning of the end.
25. Big Finish: New pastures, and the end of the end.

For the BBC North television production
Mergers, Seventh Heaven, Something's Going Round, Eighth State, and Wedding Photos were omitted.

Synopsis by and copyright of Paul Todd. Please do not reproduce without permission of the copyright holder.

The Songs Of Men On Women On Men

1) Men On Women On Men
2) Copy Type
3) Dream People
4) A Man’s Gotta Do
5) Grab
6) Who’s Afraid
7) Mergers
8) Just Married
9) Scheming Song
10) Saying Goodbye
11) Freedom Song
12) Something’s Going Round
13) Wedding Photos
14) Big Finish
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.